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      Credit Parts Fuel Injector Test Machine is one part of Customers service,for the customers who buy Credit Parts fuel injector,so can have the machines to tesing in their distributors shop.

      Credit Parts Fuel Injector Test Machine Optimum cleaning ultrasonically.

      Even flow rates, for even power output.

      Accurate leak testing and electrical integrity of each injector.

      Injector tested on a flow bench before cleaning and rebuilding.

      Injector is disassembled; filter basket, O-ring, and pintle cap.

      Injector ultrasonically cleaned, pulsed and back flushed.

      Injectors are cycled through a 10,000 RPM stress test.

      Injector re-tested to insure that they are performing properly and checked for leaks.

      Motorcycle Fuel Injector cleaner machine FIT-107T

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      Fuel Pump Test Machine FPT-0603

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      Fuel Pump Test Bench FPT-007

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      Fuel Pump Test Machine FPT-004 with a Table

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