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       Home » Products » Fuel Pump for Race Car » Walbro GSL392 Inline Fuel Pump 255LPH HIGH PRESSURE (universal external pump)

      Walbro GSL392 Inline Fuel Pump 255LPH HIGH PRESSURE (universal external pump)

      Walbro universal fuel pump GSL392 is one of the most popular fuel pumps made by Walbro. is an ideal upgrades for: GSL392 fuel pump is used in vehicles for racing or performance purposes where higher pressure fuel is necessary.

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      Manufacturer's Part Number:GSL392

      Part Type:Fuel Pumps

      Product Line:Walbro High-Pressure Inline Fuel Pump

      Fuel Pump Type:Electric external

      Flow Rate:67 gph/255 lph

      Fuel Pressure (psi):60 psi

      Inlet Size:10mm x 1.0

      Inlet Quantity:One

      Inlet Attachment:Female threads

      Outlet Size:10mm x 1.0

      Outlet Quantity:One

      Outlet Attachment:Female threads

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